A month of movement…in some ways

In many ways much has happened since our last post. Christ City Church is moving forward with great momentum and favor by God’s grace. Cohen and Lily are growing way too fast and are literally moving all over the place. And yet, it seems like everything has stayed the same. Maybe that is just how life is, paradoxically constantly changing without ever seeming to change.

Before we get to the updated pictures of the kids, I just want to thank you again for joining us on this journey. Your prayers have ment so much and have been so impactful along the road. You are a blessing. This month we ask that you join us in prayer for the following:

1. The Kid’s Sleep: One of the things that has yet to change much is the fact that the kids are still not sleeping much at night. A two-hour stretch without getting up for one of them is a major win for us right now. The lack of sleep is taking its toll, especially on Deedra. Please pray that Cohen and Lily would begin to sleep through the night. Please pray for strength and stamina, and please pray for hearts of joy and service in the midst of weariness.

2. Cohen’s Helmet: On Thursday (15th), Cohen is getting put into a helmet to help correct the “flatness” on one side of his skull. He will most likely have to be in the helmet  23 hours a day for 3-4 months. Please pray that Cohen would “embrace” the helmet quickly. Please pray that it would not negatively impact his sleeping even more, and please pray that it works effectively and efficiently.

3. A Home: We have narrowed down the neighborhoods that we believe the Lord is leading us to live in, unfortunately we have yet to find a place to live in east Dallas. Please pray that the Lord would provide a home for us in the next two weeks. Pray that we would be a house of peace and of joy on whatever street our home is found, and pray that our neighbors might come to know Christ through us.

Alright, on to the good stuff…

The dolls are shrinking!!

Thanks aunt Sam for always taking our picture!

Cohen & Lily are really starting to notice each other and play more together. We think they have already created their own “twin language” and are plotting to take over the house!

All ready for cousin Anna’s princess themed birthday party! Pretty Lily, poor Cohen!

Our little princess!

This is Cohen’s favorite spot. My theory is that he is helping spot squirrels for his buddy Paxton.

Not sure what is going on with my (Jeremy) face, but the rest of family looks good!









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We are on TV! Well, kind of…

We are going to be in on TV tomorrow! Well, technically we won’t, but our first home will!

Last summer our home in Denton when on the market. A few days later, to our surprise, we received a call from HGTV. They were shooting for a show called “MY FIRST SALE” that followed a couple trying to sell their first home. They wanted to use our home as an example for how to stage a home to sell quickly (which it did, praise the Lord)!

They sent over a crew of 6 and the couple to film last June, and the show is finally airing tomorrow (10/26) at 9:30 am CST on HGTV.

Watch it and you can see all my (Jeremy) decorating skills on display!

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Our church’s website went live!

Our church’s, Christ City Church, website went “live” this weekend! Check it out at www.christcitychurchdallas.org and let us know what you think. You can also find our church on facebook and follow us on twitter at @christcitydal.


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Some pictures to satsify you until the next post!


They are growing so fast!

Getting ready for some carving! Can you see our third “child” in the background? See, he still is a part of the family!

We are trying to provide our kids with some culture by taking them to Chihuly at the Dallas Arboretum. Here we are with uncle Jared and aunt Victoria. Special thanks to aunt Sam for the pics!

The twins with Papi & G-Mow!

Mom and Lily doing a little dance at the Arboretum!

Our studly thinker!

Our bubbly personality!








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Learning on the Fly

It has been a month since our last post, yet it seems like only yesterday. September has flown by as we have been busy getting things rolling with Christ City Church and continuing to figure out how to be parents. The theme of month is easily “learning on the fly”. From forming a state and federal entity to teething, we have been going full speed all month and trying to figure out a lot of new things along the way!

The Church: Christ City Church is actually moving forward, praise the Lord! Over the last month we have been blessed with support from The Village Church, core team members joining the vision, and even a possibility of a location coming to fruition. For more about what is happening with Christ City Church, please join our Partner2Pray team. All you need to do is email partner2pray@christcitychurchdallas.org and I’ll sign you up!

Parenting: I think the biggest thing Deedra and I are learning is how self-centered we are. We love Cohen and Lily, but we also love our sleep, our freedom, our routines, and our quiet time (at least Jeremy does!). Though none of these things are wrong in-and-of themselves, unfortunately our love for them keeps us from serving our kids with joy and kindness. The Lord has been gracious to show us our weaknesses, and even more gracious to remind us that neither we nor the twins are condemned by them. The Father gave the Son for Deedra and I, while we were still sinners! Praise Him! What a good Father, that he sacrifices for His children that which He loved most; even when those children could not comprehend what He was doing. In our times of frustration and selfishness, we need only to reflect on God’s goodness to us through Christ, repent of our sin, and remember that His Spirit is within us to help me love Cohen & Lily like He loves us. We are learning to be better parents as we are learning to be more like Christ.

Right now we are in Wellington, TX with Deedra’s family. I am not really sure how we could have made it through the last few months without family. Our families have been such a huge support for us through this journey. They have taught us what sacrifice, patience, gentleness, and comfort looks like. We are so grateful to the Lord for blessing us with parents, siblings, and extend family that love Him and love us.

We are also grateful for you joining us on our journey. Thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray with us for the following:

1) A Home: we are starting to look at places to rent in East Dallas. Pray that the Lord might provide the kind of home we both need and desire at a price we can afford.

2) Provision: we have begun the support raising process for Christ City Church and the Lord has already been gracious to us through The Village Church. Please continue to pray with us for the Lord to provide what we and the church need to get started. Pray that our hearts would stay confident in Him as He provides for us through others.

Last but not least, we leave you with some pictures of the cutest kids in the world! Enjoy!

The kids have graduated from the bumbo to the high-chair. Meal time was an adventure in the bumbo. Though the adventure is  less, the mess is not!

A big thank you to Aunt Samantha for the professional looking pictures of Cohen & Lily! We love you aunt Sam!

Right now Cohen can only go backwards, which can be a bit frustrating for the little man! Lily, on the other hand, can and does go just about anywhere she wants!

They are growing up way too fast!

They really may be the world’s cutest kids!

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A sleep filled night!

Answering with Sleep

All parents know that sleep is at a premium when you have a baby. When you have two babies, sleep is priceless! Unfortunately, that often means it is out of our price range.

However, the Lord poured out his mercy on Deedra and myself on Saturday night. For the first time in their short lives, both Cohen and Lily slept for 6 hours at the same time. Praise the Lord!

We have yet to experience a similar night since then, but that one night came at point when both Deedra and mine faith was at a low point. We know the Lord loves us and hears our cries, but on Saturday night we had hit a wall. We went to bed praying for the Lord to give us more faith to believe, to trust, to love. He answered by not waking us up!

How good is our God who hears our prayers, who answers us even in the most trying times; whatever those times might be. I hope the encouragement that God gave us on Saturday night will be an encouragement to you. We know and love a God who is near, who hears his children, who answers prayers, and who shows us how much he loves us by sending his Son to die in our place. Praise be to him indeed!

Partnering with Prayer

I posted last Friday requesting your partnership in prayer for Christ City Church (our church plant). If you have not done so already, please consider partnering with us to lift up the work God has called us to.

You can join our prayer team by simply sending a email with your name to partner2pray@christcitychurchdallas.org.

What You Have Been Waiting For

Below are some family pictures depicting what we have been up to the last few months. Cohen & Lily are growing so fast!

As always, thank you for joining us on our journey. We are so grateful for your prayers and support. God bless!


Thank you to my sister Samantha for taking most of our pictures. Just one of the ways she has blessed our family!

This was taken at a park just down the road from our home in Seattle. While we are glad to be back in TX, you can see what we are missing!

They are almost bigger than the dolls. So close!

This Cohen’s first drink! We started them on solid foods last month, and I think we may have created little eating monsters!

This is Lily’s new favorite sleeping position. I have to say, it may be mine too!

Yes, this is Cohen. And, yes, I did make them remove that pink hat immediately!

Isn’t she just so darn cute, praise the Lord!






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Christ City Church…pray with us!

It is amazing to think back to this week 2 years ago. It was this very week that we went before the elders of The Village Church to ask their blessing to pursue leading a church. Little did we know the journey that such a request would take us down!

Thank you for joining us along our journey! By God’s grace through your prayers and support, we are finally doing the very thing we set out to accomplish. CHRIST CITY CHURCH is now the focus of our attention.

Why that name? It is no surprise to you that I am not the most creative marketer, and nothing in our name would suggest otherwise. The name came to me during a time of prayer and reflection on what God wanted our church (our people) to be about. Two things kept coming up, exalting Christ, and the city of Dallas. I think our name captures those two foci. We want to exalt the name of Christ as his people in and to our city.

Okay, so we have a name, but we are still a long ways away from our goal of launching Christ City Church, and we need your help. Before we start recruiting a team, before we start raising support, the most important step we must take is solicit prayer partners. I love plans, and think I am pretty good at putting them together and executing them. However, our plans are absolutely worthless unless the Lord both informs them and empowers them for his glory. We desire for Christ City Church to be built on a humble and visible dependence on God’s leading and power through prayer.

Would you consider joining us as a prayer partner?

Here is what that means: We will keep this blog as a place to update the church planting journey in brief, but mainly as a way to share about what God is doing in our family and with the twins. We plan on updating this blog once a month (next post on 8/20). As a prayer partner, you will receive 2 monthly emails specifically focusing on Christ City Church, how the plant is going,  and ways to pray for us and our church. Also, you will occasionally receive an email with an immediate prayer request between updates. We will not overload your inbox. What we are asking is that you commit to lift up our family and Christ City Church at least twice a month.

If you feel like you can handle such a commitment, then please send your name and email address to partner2pray@christcitychurchdallas.org. You will receive our first prayer update next week from this email address (so be sure to check your spam filter if you do not see something by next Friday [8/24]).

Once again, thank you for joining us on our journey. You are a blessing from the Lord. May he continue to be glorified in our journey as well as yours. God bless!

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