I thank the Lord for winter

It is 19 degrees outside with a windchill closer to 0! Deedra has been off work the last 3 days due to the weather. As I type this post our neighbor’s children are outside sledding down their front yard and playing hockey on our street which has 2 inches of ice covering over it. What a wonderful day!

In all seasons you get to behold the wonder, beauty, and majesty of God. Whether it be in the array of colors found in the flowers of Spring or the oddly magnificent quiet and stillness of a winter’s night, the Lord is ever making His presence known. What is true of the seasons of the earth is also true of the seasons of life. Each season brings with it new and different ways of knowing the Lord.

The current season of Deedra and my’s journey could be described like the view out of our front window: cold, gray, quiet, and still. And yet, like our view outside there is more going on then the initial impression implies.

The truth of winter is that things slow down but do not stop, that new activities are dreamed up and enacted upon the frozen landscape, that behind the stillness are families and friends gathered for warmth and enjoyment, and that all that takes place during winter  is just preparation for what is to come. Winter never lasts, which is good news to most (especially Deedra!), yet we often miss it when it is passed.

I thank the Lord for winter.  A season to get to know Him in new and wonderful ways. A season to savor the quietness, stillness, and even the grayness of the day and all the while know that this time is just preparation for what is to come. A season to enjoy my wife, my family, and my friends as I find myself more keenly aware of both my need and desire for their company. I thank the Lord for winter: physically and spiritually. A season to consider His sovereign will is working when all of life seems to have stopped. A season to find warmth in the house of the Lord while the cold purges and prepares. A season to think up new activities to try that only such a season affords. I thank the Lord for winter, for in winter I know Him more.

We hope you are enjoying the wintry weather, and if your season of life should change to match this weather, we pray that you will enjoy winter still as we have come to know that in winter the Lord is warmest! Thank you for your prayers, God bless!


About jpace04

Follower of Christ, married to Deedra, father to Cohen & Lily, and lead pastor of Christ City Church.
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One Response to I thank the Lord for winter

  1. karen pace says:

    Such wonderful words!… and the great truth of knowing Him more!
    Praying for you both always, love you! mom

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