Porterbrook and our next couple of steps

I apologize for gap in updates. The last several weeks have consisted of Steve following up with my references and Deedra and I praying and talking through what is next for us. During this time, Deedra and I both came to the conclusion and peace that making a decision on where to move needs to wait  until March.

On March 7th, we will go back to our doctor for the last round of tests to determine if the treatment for Deedra’s endometriosis has been successful or not. We will then set up a follow-up meeting to find out the results and determine our next steps. We have felt blessed to have the doctor we do and are glad that we have a peace about not trying to make a timeline for us moving until after these appointments in March.

Just yesterday, I received an email from Jen, Steve’s assistant, letting me know that all my references have come in and where “glowing”; praise the Lord! Steve will be in the states next weekend and we are trying to arrange a time to connect up while he is here to discuss details of me coming on staff with Porterbrook (www.porterbrooknetwork.org). Deedra and I are both excited about this opportunity and look forward to ironing out some of the specifics of the job soon.

So, we are still confident that the Lord has us moving towards church planting. We believe Porterbrook is an obedient and gracious step in that direction and while we do not know where and when just yet, we are learning to trust that the Lord does and that is good enough. He has been gracious to let us see our next couple of steps (Porterbrook and waiting for the results of the appointments in March) and we desire to take them faithfully.

We covet your prayers for steadfastness, for continued discernment and wisdom, and for favor and grace for what comes once Porterbrook becomes official and we get the report back from our doctor. Your prayers have been such a source of strength and joy for us. Thank you and God bless!


About jpace04

Follower of Christ, married to Deedra, father to Cohen & Lily, and lead pastor of Christ City Church.
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5 Responses to Porterbrook and our next couple of steps

  1. DJ Hofmann says:

    man, if all the reports were “glowing” they must have received some pretty incredible ones to counteract what I said about you in my report!

  2. courtney says:

    i love that dj is following you even from guatemala 🙂 excited for what the lord has in store for you both… and, the four of us need to hang out soon!

  3. Excited to see where God leads Porterbrook in training up missional leaders!

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