Moving to Seattle!

I am sure that the title of this post surprises you; it does us as well! For the last 8 plus months, we have been talking about London, England. So, where did Seattle come from?

This blog’s journey began asking for prayer as we transitioned from staff at The Village Church to pursue church planting, unsure of where and when. It continued as the Lord impressed upon us “pursue London” and documented our journey to figure out what we are do as we wait upon His timing. Through the blog we were blessed to have you pray with us as we faced multiple medical issues and came on board with The Porterbrook Network ( Now we ask you to join us in prayer as the Lord continues to show us the steps of faith we are to take; the next being in Seattle, Washington.

While on staff at The Village Church, I had the privilege to serve as regional leader for the Acts 29 Network (; which is a network of church plants that plant churches. My role was to help shepherd, lead, and develop the church plants within Texas. Deedra and I both loved our role with the Network and, even more, the men and women we had the blessing to serve.

When I left The Village staff, I also gave up my regional leadership responsibilities. This was definitely one of the most bitter-sweet actions of my life. Bitter, because I would miss the men and the work. Sweet, because the leadership that I handed things off to is far more capable than I am and are men whom I love and respecte. While we knew our role with Porterbrook would keep us somewhat connected with Acts 29, we also knew that things would change.

When we returned from England in early May, I was approached by Acts 29 to consider joining the team to help oversee the Boot Camps (large church planter trainings) for the entire network and also to help individual churches and regions within the network develop leadership and church planter training for themselves. It was a humbling and exciting opportunity.

Let me say this, I love the Porterbrook Network, especially the people who I had the blessing to work with. I also loved what I was doing for Porterbrook. However, after lots of prayer, counsel, and just personal wrestling; we decided to pursue the generous offer from Acts 29. Deedra and I then flew up to Seattle the weekend of June 3rd to get to know the city a bit and to formally interview for the position. Praise the Lord, Monday night, just before we boarded the plane, Elliot Grudem called and said that Acts 29 would like to extend Deedra and I a formal offer. By the time we landed in Dallas, we had decided that we would take the job; thus, we are moving to Seattle!

Right now, the plan is to be in Seattle by September. This will give us enough time to finish the IVF process (which is going well so far!) and, Lord willing, sell our home. I will start working from Dallas for Acts 29 this coming week and have already begun to transition out of my official role with Porterbrook (though I hope to stay connected and contributing to Porterbrook for a long time to come).

Please join us as we take this next step that the Lord has given us by praying with us for the transition and for the new role. We know that it will be by the Lord’s sovereign will alone that our home sells in this market, so please join us in praying for that. Also, please continue to pray for the IVF process and for the Lord to use this process to bring us a child. Lastly, please pray that I would transition well out of Porterbrook and into Acts 29. I desire to serve both organizations well.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. We look forward to where the Lord is leading us. We’ll keep you posted on IVF, the transition, and detail of our new role with the Acts 29 Network. God bless!


About jpace04

Follower of Christ, married to Deedra, father to Cohen & Lily, and lead pastor of Christ City Church.
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6 Responses to Moving to Seattle!

  1. Bro! Welcome to our corner of the States! It’s good to have friends in Seattle, and I’m happy y’all will be among them.

  2. DJ Hofmann says:

    Courtney and I have wanted to go to Seattle – now we have a reason!

  3. Cody says:

    Excited for you!

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