Who knew?

The pregnancy journey has been a joyous and learning experience. Deedra, being the great researcher she is, has been a step a head of all the changes that have taken place. On the other hand, I have just been enjoying the ride and being surprised at every turn; from the cost of baby room furniture to all of the things we need to do prepare for the arrival of Cohen and Lily and everything in between.

The latest surprise (for me!) occurred this past week. The babies have definitely been growing, which means that Deedra’s tummy has been growing as well (as the pictures below testify to); which makes perfect sense. However, what I did not know was that as Deedra’s baby bump increases, things begin to change – like the bellybutton! One day she had one, now it has disappeared! Who knew that happens? Apparently everyone but me. Again, it makes sense, but nonetheless, it was a shock!

One of my favorite pics so far!

Yeah, that's 7-layer dip behind Deedra! We do miss some Tex-Mex!

Cohen, Lily, Mom, and Pax showing off the view from the balcony!

Prayer Requests

Thank you for joining us on this journey. As always, your prayers are much appreciated and needed. As we get settled in here in Seattle, would you continue to pray with us for the following…

  1. Community: we really really miss our family and friends back in Texas. The Lord has been so gracious to bring you into our lives. The hardest part of moving has been leaving you all. The holiday season just reminds us more and more of what we left. We are grateful to be here, serving the Lord and building up this body of believers. Please pray that the Lord would grant us deep friendships and surround us with people we can invest in and that can invest with us
  2. Health: Deedra and the babies are doing well, praise the Lord!. Please continue to pray for all three as we inch closer and closer to due date. Specifically, pray that Deedra would sleep well, rest well, and have energy.
  3. Mars Hill Church: We are excited to be serving a church that the Lord is doing mighty things in and through. It is a big season of new works for the church as a whole, and my role in what is happening and where we are going is becoming more of a focus. You can read all about what God is doing through Mars Hill here: http://blog.marshill.com/2011/10/31/gods-work-our-witness/ and  http://blog.marshill.com/. Please pray for our leadership, and for me (Jeremy) that I might be faithful, creative, discerning, and gospel-centered in my work to help facilitate the raising up of hundreds and thousands of men and women for the work of ministry.

About jpace04

Follower of Christ, married to Deedra, father to Cohen & Lily, and lead pastor of Christ City Church.
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6 Responses to Who knew?

  1. DJ Hofmann says:

    whoa, deedra’s huge! ….or however you’re supposed to say that and not be offensive haha. these pictures are awesome man, and I’m so excited for you guys. i love your new job, think its a great fit, and i think you are going to be incredible at raising up leaders, pastors, elders, etc. any informal way of taking me through it at a distance? man that would be cool…

  2. Mallery Yen says:

    Miss you guys so much. Talk about your often in random moments as we do something or remember something from the past couple years. Deedra looks beautiful! Can’t wait to see you guys soon!!!

  3. Mallery Yen says:

    And Pax looks good too:)

  4. Jen says:

    Yay!! I love seeing the pics of Deedra’s growing belly. We miss you guys around here too 😦 Looking forward to seeing her at the shower next weekend!

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