They are finally here!!

Deedra and I had been praying for discernment and clarity on when to go to the hospital. For two weeks she had been experiencing changes in her pain and contraction rates, but we never really new when labor actually began.

On Wednesday morning (2/16), we had scheduled appointments for a sonogram, a none-stress-test (NST), and an appointment with our OB. After the sonogram, we were waiting for the NST and Deedra had a very “different” contraction. Once the nurse hooked Deedra up to the machines to monitor the babies’ heart beats and her contractions, it only took a few minutes to realize that the Lord had granted us clarity because Deedra was in labor!

The nurses wheeled us across the hospital complex and we began what would be a long day and night of labor. After about eighteen hours, the doctors realized that Deedra would need a C-Section in order of Cohen and Lily to join us.

At 7:21 am Cohen Maddox Pace was born! He was 4 lbs. 15.5 ozs. and 18 inches long. At 7:22 am Lily Alana Pace joined her brother in the world! She was 5 lbs. 2.8 ozs. and 18.5 inches long. It was such a beautiful, surreal, and emotionally overwhelming moment!

While both babies where healthy, there were still technically premature, so the doctors moved both of them to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for a “transition period”. I was to hold them before they left, but remained with Deedra as the doctors finished the operation.

Afterward Deedra was escorted back to our room and I headed up to the NICU to check on Cohen and Lily. By the time I got upstairs, Cohen was ready to try and feed which marked the end of his transition. I was able to take him downstairs to with him mom almost immediately, praise the Lord! Lily, on the other hand, was having trouble regulating her breathing so she had to remain in the NICU for several days. To be honest, the hardest part of all this was seeing my sweet little girl all hooked up to machines and not being able to hold her or take her to meet her mom.

On Saturday morning, the Lord in his graciousness answered our prayers and Lily was able to officially join the family! We were discharged on Sunday afternoon and have just enjoyed our first night in our home as a new family!

We are so grateful for all of our family and friends and the prayers that have been lifted up for Deedra, Cohen, Lily, and myself over the last few days particularly. The Lord has been merciful and kind to us in so many ways; especially through each of you. We are also extremely grateful that Deedra’s mom (Lana), and sisters (Alicia and Brook) for getting quick flights out to Seattle to be with us in the hospital and help us take care of Cohen of Lily. They have truly been a blessing.

We are home now. The kids are doing well and mom is healing nicely. We are bit overwhelmed by it all, but are excited for what is ahead for our family. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. Thank you again for joining us on this journey!

As much as you have enjoyed the narrative, I know what you are really hoping for is pictures, so here you go!!

Cohen and his beautiful mother!


Our little Lily's first few days in the NICU. Still so hard to look it, but we were blessed by the wonderful NICU staff.


Early close up of Cohen.

Lily's first day with the rest of the family.


Just in case you were wondering how our "other child" was doing while we were away...


...pretty much continuing to enjoy life! Now the question is, what will he think after a few days with the babies at home!


Lily and Cohen enjoying a nap this morning! Don't worry, there will be more pictures soon!



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Follower of Christ, married to Deedra, father to Cohen & Lily, and lead pastor of Christ City Church.
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9 Responses to They are finally here!!

  1. courtney says:

    Guys! I am so excited to read this. I was a little nervous on Friday morning when I woke up and didnt know what had transpired since Thursdays text about Deedra going into labor. I hopped on the treadmill at 7:00am Friday morning and felt burdened and led by the Spirit to pray. How overwhelmed I was to hear that they were born at the exact time that I was praying. Praise the Lord! Oh and PS they are beautiful. Can’t wait to talk to Deedra- give her a hug for me!

  2. Emily says:

    Thank you so much for the update!

  3. DJ Hofmann says:

    haha i love the picture of paxton. but seriously, i think lily is my favorite, but i’m not really sure why!

  4. Denise says:

    This is awesome! So happy for you all! Praying everything continues to go very smoothly,

  5. Mack Ivey says:

    ahhh!!! I LOVE this! So excited!!! I’ve been holding off our trip to Seattle till we can see all 5 pace’s! Can’t wait (not to worry…we r headed up this weekend) 🙂 ha..jk…in the next few months though!!!
    Love y’all

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