We are back in Texas!

We have made a few more turns on our journey since the last post. Our family arrived back in the great nation of Texas last Tuesday! While there were a few bumps and potholes along the way, praise the Lord, Deedra, the twins, and myself have safely settled into Flower Mound!

We are so grateful to our parents and our friends for all of the help they have provided in getting us back to Texas. We truly could have not do it without them or your prayers.

Speaking of prayers, in our last post I mentioned a few areas in need of prayer; specifically clarity in our calling, the move, and future provision. I wanted to thank you for laboring for us in prayer and update you on how God is answering…

Clarity. My prayer had been that by the end of June that the Lord would grant us clarity of direction regarding starting our own church (church planting) or taking on the senior pastor role of an existing church. We spent just over a month running down both paths, and I am not the greatest at running in two directions at once! On June 26th the Lord in his mercy and wisdom answered this prayer and made clear to us that we are to run headlong into church planting! While there are still many details to be worked out, we have a clear direction and plan to pursue starting a new church in East Dallas. I will be sharing more regarding our plans in the coming weeks. For now, give thanks to the Lord with us for this answered prayer!

The Move. Like I said, we made it back to Texas; praise the Lord! My dad and good friend, Jamie Hipp, flew up to Seattle to drive our car and the Budget truck the 2,200 miles from Seattle to Dallas. We made the drive in 3 1/2 days, had a “phantom” breakdown in Denver and Dumas, got to stay with some close family friends in the midst of the breakdown, and only broke a few items in the process! Thank you for your prayers for safety and speed and for joy and patience along the way!

Provision. Deedra and my families have been such examples of generosity in helping us with moving costs and giving us a place to stay as our plans unfold. We are extremely grateful to the Lord for their witness and sacrifice on our behalf. I have a few potential income opportunities in that I am pursuing. Please continue to pray for provision, opportunity, and discernment as we move forward with fundraising and supplementing the funding in the near future.

I cannot say it enough; thank you! We are so grateful that you have chosen to join us on our journey. We thank the Lord for you often and pray for his blessing on your lives as well. As always, more pictures of the cutest kids on earth are below. Enjoy and God bless!

Are these not the cutest kids ever!

What comes out of this mouth is a mix between a laugh and an attempt at a roar! Together they make him loud and hoarse!



Aunt Sam & the Twins!

Mom dressing them alike begins!

Lily’s new favorite sleeping position!




About jpace04

Follower of Christ, married to Deedra, father to Cohen & Lily, and lead pastor of Christ City Church.
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