A month of movement…in some ways

In many ways much has happened since our last post. Christ City Church is moving forward with great momentum and favor by God’s grace. Cohen and Lily are growing way too fast and are literally moving all over the place. And yet, it seems like everything has stayed the same. Maybe that is just how life is, paradoxically constantly changing without ever seeming to change.

Before we get to the updated pictures of the kids, I just want to thank you again for joining us on this journey. Your prayers have ment so much and have been so impactful along the road. You are a blessing. This month we ask that you join us in prayer for the following:

1. The Kid’s Sleep: One of the things that has yet to change much is the fact that the kids are still not sleeping much at night. A two-hour stretch without getting up for one of them is a major win for us right now. The lack of sleep is taking its toll, especially on Deedra. Please pray that Cohen and Lily would begin to sleep through the night. Please pray for strength and stamina, and please pray for hearts of joy and service in the midst of weariness.

2. Cohen’s Helmet: On Thursday (15th), Cohen is getting put into a helmet to help correct the “flatness” on one side of his skull. He will most likely have to be in the helmet  23 hours a day for 3-4 months. Please pray that Cohen would “embrace” the helmet quickly. Please pray that it would not negatively impact his sleeping even more, and please pray that it works effectively and efficiently.

3. A Home: We have narrowed down the neighborhoods that we believe the Lord is leading us to live in, unfortunately we have yet to find a place to live in east Dallas. Please pray that the Lord would provide a home for us in the next two weeks. Pray that we would be a house of peace and of joy on whatever street our home is found, and pray that our neighbors might come to know Christ through us.

Alright, on to the good stuff…

The dolls are shrinking!!

Thanks aunt Sam for always taking our picture!

Cohen & Lily are really starting to notice each other and play more together. We think they have already created their own “twin language” and are plotting to take over the house!

All ready for cousin Anna’s princess themed birthday party! Pretty Lily, poor Cohen!

Our little princess!

This is Cohen’s favorite spot. My theory is that he is helping spot squirrels for his buddy Paxton.

Not sure what is going on with my (Jeremy) face, but the rest of family looks good!










About jpace04

Follower of Christ, married to Deedra, father to Cohen & Lily, and lead pastor of Christ City Church.
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